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API KEY REQUIRED! Create an API-Key in the Developer Console


Post-Parameters x-www-form-urlencoded

Parameter required description
apikey YES The apikey binds the pastes with the user-account of the api-key-creator. Open the Developer Console to get an api-key
content YES It is the content of the paste
title OPTIONAL Adding a title to the post. It also helps pastefy to detect the language by the extension
folder OPTIONAL Binds the paste to a folder that has been created by the apikey holder.
password OPTIONAL Protects the paste with a password. It also encrypts the paste


key type description
done boolean Returns true if the creation succeeded
url string(8) Returns the ending of the url. The ID of the paste (For example: dcq0n99s)
    "done": true,
    "url": "AAAAAAAAA"
Documentation by JulianFun123

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